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You are looking for your ancestors in Bavaria, in eastern provinces of the former German Reich or in formerly German-speaking areas in Czech Republic?

You need assistance with your own research projects?

You need transcription and English translation of German or Latin entries in parish registers, in civil registers or other files?

I may give you competent and professional expert advice and assistance with more than 35 years of experience with genealogical and historical research in Bavaria and in the former German resp. German speaking eastern territories.

Fields of Research

Genealogical and historical research with focus on Bavaria (especially, Franconia and Upper Palatinate), on former eastern provinces of the German Reich (especially, Silesia, Pomerania, Province of Posen, West Prussia; nowadays Poland), and on formerly German-speaking areas in Bohemia, Moravia, and Austrian Silesia (nowadays Czech Republic).

Longtime experience with genealogical research in parish archives, in communal and municipal archives, as well as in States Archives (since 1979).

Excellent knowledge of the old German and Latin scripts from the Late Middle Ages to modern history (14th-19th century).

Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists in USA.

Member of the Association of German-Speaking Professional Genealogists in Germany.

Member of the Historical Association for Upper Franconia in Bayreuth since 1980.

Workshops to learn deciphering of old German scripts from the 14th to the 19th century.

Assistance with planning of journeys in Bavaria, in Poland and in Czech Republic.

Own Publications


  • Das Amt Bayreuth im frühen 15. Jahrhundert. Das Landbuch B von 1421/24 - eine spätmittelalterliche Quelle mit Erläuterungen (= Bayreuther Arbeiten zur Landesgeschichte und Heimatkunde, Verlag C.u.C.Rabenstein, Band 9), Bayreuth 1992 (469 Seiten).
  • Die älteste Beschreibung des Amtes Bayreuth. Das Landbuch A von 1398 (= Bayreuther Arbeiten zur Landesgeschichte und Heimatkunde, Verlag C.u.C.Rabenstein, Band 14), Bayreuth 1998 (297 Seiten).


  • Der Ort Heubsch und die Familie Heubscher; in: Archiv für Geschichte von Oberfranken (AO), 66. Band, Bayreuth 1986.
  • Buchbesprechung zu: Rechter, Gerhard, Das Reichssteuerregister von 1497 des Fürstentums Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach oberhalb Gebürgs; in: AO, 69. Band, Bayreuth 1989, S. 458 f.
  • Die Lehen des Hochstifts Würzburg um Bayreuth; in: AO, 72. Band, Bayreuth 1992.
  • Wüstungen im Bereich der Gemeinde Heinersreuth, Die ehemalige Gemeinde Cottenbach; in: Gemeinde Heinersreuth - Heimat am Roten Main, Bayreuth 1993.
  • Die Pfarrei Bayreuth im Spätmittelalter; in: AO, 74. Band, Bayreuth 1994.
  • Zur mittelalterlichen Territorialstruktur des Amtes Bayreuth; in: AO, 76. Band, Bayreuth 1996.
  • Grundbesitz der Klöster und Stifte im Amt Bayreuth (in preparation).

Lectures and Workshops

  • Lecture "Zur mittelalterlichen Besiedlungsgeschichte des Bayreuther Raumes", Bayreuth 16.12.1992.
  • Workshop "Schriften des 14. bis 18. Jahrhunderts", Bayreuth 17.04./24.04./08.05.1993.
  • Lecture "Die Verbreitung der Besitzungen des Hochstifts Würzburg im östlichen Oberfranken", 1. Otnant-Gespräch, Brand i.d.Oberpfalz 04.09.1993.
  • Lecture "Zur Besiedlungsgeschichte des Hummelgaus", Hummeltal 03.03.1998.
  • Lecture "600 Jahre Ersterwähnung von Windischenlaibach", Windischenlaibach 12.07.1998.
  • Lecture "600 Jahre Landbuch A - Die älteste Beschreibung des Amtes Bayreuth", Bayreuth 26.11.1998.
  • Lecture "600 Jahre Ersterwähnung von Brüderes", Brüderes 27.06.1999.
  • Workshop "Lesen alter Handschriften", Rehau 22.10.2005.


  • Per hour of archive research: 50 € plus VAT
  • Per hour of office work: 40 € plus VAT
  • Per hour of travelling: 30 € and 0.50 €/km plus VAT
  • Reports in German, English or French
  • Reports in other languages: Price on request
  • External fees e.g. from archives, for copies etc.: As incurred.


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